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The Psych Central Show
 is an award-winning, weekly podcast that approaches psychology and mental health in a casual and accessible fashion. Listen as our hosts speak candidly with experts to break down complex topics in simple and understandable ways.


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Gabe Howard  &  Vincent M. Wales 


Sep 7, 2017

In this episode of the Psych Central Show, hosts Gabe Howard and Vincent M. Wales speak with guest Dr. Scott Zeller, renowned psychiatric emergency services physician and expert on agitation. Dr. Zeller explains exactly what agitation means, in the medical setting, and how it differs from other states, such as violence. He dispels a few myths about agitation, and explains how the use of physical restraints and sedation are the wrong approach in almost all situations. Most importantly, he speaks on how common agitation is, even outside the medical setting, and how anyone can learn to de-escalate the emotions of someone in a state of agitation.



[1:11]               What do we even mean by “agitation”?

[6:45]               Aren’t all agitated people violent?

[9:11]               Dr. Zeller explains why we should rarely use restraints on agitated people.

[12:47]             Simple things to keep in mind when trying to calm an agitated person.