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The Psych Central Podcast is an award-winning, weekly show that approaches psychology and mental health in a casual and accessible fashion. Listen as our host, Gabe Howard, speaks candidly with experts to break down complex topics in simple and understandable ways.

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Jun 19, 2019

An in-depth look at violence and its relation to schizophrenia. Is violence a symptom of schizophrenia? Do mass attackers always have schizophrenia? Are schizophrenics dangerous? 

Studies say people with schizophrenia are more likely to be a victim of a crime than the perpetrator. However, James Holmes, the movie theater mass murderer, was said to have paranoid schizophrenia. And a person can plead not guilty by reason of insanity in court. This seems to be contrary to the idea of non-violence in mental illness.  

Host Rachel Star Withers, a diagnosed schizophrenic, and co-host Gabe Howard delve into these intense subjects in this episode of Inside Schizophrenia. 

Officer Rebecca Skillern, the senior trainer within the mental health division of the Houston Police Department, joins as a special guest to explain police protocol in answering crisis emergencies and what people with schizophrenia, and their loved ones, should do when an episode puts someone in danger. 


[01:48] “Have you ever killed anyone?”

[03:21] Stigma is not knowing.

[07:10] Consequences of people finding out you have schizophrenia.

[14:22] Not guilty by reason of insanity.

[17:33] Paranoid schizophrenia and mass attackers.

[24:00] Have I ever been violent due to my schizophrenia?

[25:30] Guest interview with Officer Rebecca Skillern.

[27:22] How is a mental crisis team response different than a typical police response?

[31:00] What to do if I need help for a mental health crisis.

[43:55] During a mental health crisis, what do I want to happen?

[46:00] Confusion and fear during an episode.